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Dead Crusade: Zombies Go Medieval

Dead Crusade: Zombies Go Medieval

Dead Crusade concept art

The zombie gaming genre is plagued with a plethora of games that, as of lately, all feel the same. Sure, they can be fun, but where is the story? Where is the depth? What if a game like Skyrim took all of the fun features of classic zombie gameplay and incorporated into a new game with horror and depth, like Resident Evil. Well, Aesthetic Games is hoping to do just that…

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DC Comics Announces New “Grayson” Series

DC Comics Announces New “Grayson” Series

Fresh off the heels of announcing the new ongoing monthly Teen Titans series just a week ago, the good folks at DC comics keep the hits coming with the announcement of another new series coming this July simply titled, “Grayson.”

As you can probably guess, the series follows Dick Grayson as he deals with the events following the recent happenings in Forever Evil #7 and the coming conclusion of…

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Game of Thrones Recap: The Lion and The Rose

Oh dear readers, this season is going to be so, so good. It is already surpassing expectations. And the more it progresses the more I remember how damn good A Storm of Swords really was. Personally, out of the five books we have so far, I believe the third one is the masterwork, and if season four can uphold that standard, we have got a really good time ahead of us. So, let’s get right into it,…

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A Jaded WoW Player’s Thoughts On Elder Scrolls Online

A Jaded WoW Player’s Thoughts On Elder Scrolls Online

I am Legion, at least a part of a legion of many that have played and explored the deepest places of Azeroth. I have explored the Castle of Stormwind, hiked the Elven lands of Darnassus, and visited the dwarfs in Iron Forge. Blizzard’s darling creation is the very definition of a Massive Multiplayer Online game. No longer do we discuss Everquest or Ultima; when we look for a comparison we look at…

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I just added these space lamps to my Thinx Shop on Zazzle recently. Check it out for more new fun space stuff.

Justice League 3000 Issue #5 Review

Justice League 3000 Issue #5 Review

Justice League 3000 Issue #5 adds another “hero” as well as another villain to the book’s already crowded roster. While everyone loves a good glimpse into the future, Issue #5 highlights more of the negative than the positive that this Justice League book, set in the future, has to offer.

Release: 4/9/14
Publisher: DC Comics
Writers: J.M. DeMatteis,
Keith Giffen
Art: Wayne Faucher, Raymund Bermudez

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New TEEN TITANS Series Announced

New TEEN TITANS Series Announced

It’s no secret that fans of DC’s beloved team of teen superheroes have been largely unhappy with the most current run in the Teen Titans franchise. DC announced a few months ago that Issue #30 and its subsequent Teen Titans Annual #3would be the last issue of the current Scott Lobdell-helmed incarnation of the series and this week dropped some huge news about what we can expect from the franchise…

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I’ve Been Playing Polarity on OUYA

I’ve Been Playing is a video feature where I discuss games I’ve been playing. Get it? You can check out the rest…

Twitchify: A Twitch App Alternative for Android

Twitchify: A Twitch App Alternative for Android

Twitch’s official app has improved by leaps and bounds through its various updates. However, many aspects of the app still feel lackluster for a mobile viewer’s overall experience. Enter: Twitchify, DroidBender’s tablet-friendly and beautifully designed Twitch app alternative for Android users.

Aesthetically, the official Twitch app still feels archaic and in desperate need of a face lift. This…

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Saying Goodbye to The Ultimate Warrior

Saying Goodbye to The Ultimate Warrior

Sports entertainment has been a famous entity for the last 30 years, and tragically it’s been built on the back of many individuals who have passed away far to soon. None more iconic than The Ultimate Warrior.

James Hellig (aka The Ultimate Warrior) ran onto the wrestling scene in 1987. He quickly made legions of fans and enthralled many with his over the top energy and his nonsensical ramblings.…

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Sinister Six Picks Up Its Director

Sinister Six Picks Up Its Director

While Sony is happy about the healthy buzz its upcoming film Amazing Spiderman 2 has generated, it is actively trying to find ways to capitalize on the rejuvenated popularity that the franchise has seen in recent years.

Back in December, Sony tapped Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard to write and potentially direct Sinister Six, the villain-focused Spiderman spin-off.

For those that aren’t…

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What’s Appenin’: Cal

What’s Appenin’: Cal

What’s Appenin’ is an ongoing feature that highlights some pretty cool apps for all kinds of devices. We’ll discover some new apps and recall some of the greats from many different platforms. Check out our other What’s Appenin’s here.

I’m a big fan of organizational apps, so really has me covered with their Calendar app. I had been searching for the perfect calendar application that made…

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Game of Thrones Season Premiere Recap - “Two Swords”

Game of Thrones season 4 is here! Despite HBO GO crashing several times, and the show being straight up unavailable due to the massive amount of people watching it, I managed to see the premiere last night at about 11pm. And it was worth the wait. Just watching the opening credits again was like seeing an old friend who you love and miss. It’s going to bring a goddamn tear to my eye.

But anyway,…

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Toby Kebbell to Play Doctor Doom

Toby Kebbell to Play Doctor Doom

It looks like Victor Von Doom will again play a major part in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Actor Toby Kebbell, who you might remember as Agernor in the 2012 film Wrath of the Titans, is reportedly deep in talks with Fox to take up the steel plated mask and green cloak of Dr. Doom in the Josh Trank directed reboot.

Kebbel has been rumored to be up for the role over the last few months, and…

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External Storage Coming to Xbox One

External Storage Coming to Xbox One

Currently, the Xbox One requires you to install any game you buy, and with more games coming out on a monthly basis news of external storage should be a boon to all gamers. Xbox’s Major Nelson revealed on Redditthat the company will soon be putting out more storage outside of the 500 gigs of space presently available. “External game storage is coming soon….I need to check on media support,” he…

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