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Deals of the Day: August 18th, 2014

Secrets of Raetikon, Mark of the Ninja, and more are on sale today! Check out today’s #dealsoftheday

Whenever I have a case of the Mondays, I always turn to indie deals as a cure (and maybe more cowbell too). I hope these deals can get you through the struggle, as I’m sure it is quite real.

Indie Game Stand’s pay what you want deal is The Moon Silver and will end in 8 hours!

Secrets of Raetikon is 50% off on Steam at $4.99

Hamlet is 70% off on Daily Royale at $1.49.

Mark of the Ninja: Special…

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Shovel Knight Giveaway

We’re giving away a copy of #ShovelKnight from @YachtClubGames! Who said Shovelry was dead? Learn how to enter here:

Want to practice your shovelry? We’re givin’ away a free digital copy of Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight.The only requirement is that you follow us and Yacht Club Games on Twitter. The rest is optional, but it’ll win you some extra entries (and eternal love from us).

The contest will end at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday August 25th, 2014. We’ll contact the lucky winner on Wednesday August 26th, 2014.…

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Unity #10 Review

Read why @KlennH thinks Unity 10 from @ValiantComics has “one of the most fluid action sequences you’ll see in comics”

Unity #10 is a book filled with emotion and action as the super human task force known as Unity tries to save Earth from the Armor Hunters and their giant robot death machines. Issue #10 in the Valiant comics universe, spanning the Armor Hunter event, could very well prove to be the break the team needed to turn this invasion around.

Unity issue #10 continues where issue #9 left off and continues…

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Xbox’s Indie Roundup from Gamescom

Check out our Xbox indie roundup from Gamescom!

Xbox made sure to highlight their dedication to bringing innovation to indie developers at this year’s Gamescom. Here are some of the big announcements and trailers coming from ID@Xbox.

Ori and the Blind Forest from Moon Studios will launch this fall for Xbox One and Windows PC.

Space Engineers, the sandbox construction game from Keen Software House,will be console exclusive to Xbox One for a…

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Playstation’s Indie Roundup from Gamescom

Check out our roundup of Playstation indie news from Gamescom!

Playstation had a lot to show in terms of indie gaming these last few days at Gamescom. Here’s a roundup of announcements and trailers for your eager eyes and ears. The Xbox roundup will be coming soon!

Sony’s Adam Boyes discussed bringing “early-access-type” games to Playstation 4.

DayZ from Bohemia Interactive will make its way to PS4. However, it’s unclear if it will be as an exclusive.


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'Never Alone' Launching In November

Upper One Games’ highly anticipated @NeverAloneGame is launching in November!

Publisher E-Line announced today that Upper One Games’ Never Alone will launch on November 4th for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One for $14.99.

Never Alone has garnished quite a bit of hype in the last few months and with good reason! It comes from the first indigenous owned gaming company in the US and is the first game in the World Game Initiative from E-Line and Cook Inlet Tribe Council. The…

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Deals of the Day: August 12th, 2014

Soul Gambler, Another Perspective, and Gave Dev Tycoon are just a few of the stellar #dealsoftheday:

Happy Tuesday! Check out some of these awesome indie game deals and let us know what you get up to.

Indie Royale still has up The Mixer 7 bundle with 9 games for $3.98 and today’s Daily Royale is Unity of Command for $3.99.

Humble still has the Mobile Bundle 6 with 9 games and the Japan Edition weekly bundle. In the Humble Store is Nom Nom Galaxy for $9.99, Secret Ponchos for $8.99, and OTTTDfor…

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Journey and The Unfinished Swan Coming to PS4

PS4 indie game fans rejoice! Journey and The Unfinished Swan are coming to PS4:

Late last month, we reported on the rumor that unofficially officially confirmed Journey and The Unfinished Swan would come to PS4. Well, I’ve got some great news! It brings me great joy to officially (for real this time) confirm this via the PlayStation blog.

Both Journey and The Unfinished Swan will play on PS4 at 1080p. Those who are attending Gamescom can check out Unfinished Swan’s demo.…

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Hmmm, those hermanos look SUPER familiar.


Hmmm, those hermanos look SUPER familiar.

Deals of the Day: August 8th, 2013

Super Meat Boy, Bastion, and The Binding of Isaac are just a few of today’s #dealsoftheday!

Ahh, Friday. The golden child the weekdays. The superhero of the workweek. The welcome wagon to the weekend. Take it easy this weekend and enjoy some of these flippin’ sweet indie game deals. Let us know what you get up to and what you discover!

Starforge (early access) is 75% off on Steam at $4.99, as well as Lifeless Planet or $9.99, Mind: Path to Thalamus for $11.04, and Saira for FREE!


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Deals of the Day: August 7th, 2014

Deals of the Day: August 7th, 2014

Happy Thursday!! It’s been a long week and we are excited to kick it off right with some super fun, super cheap indie games. Let us know what games you get into this weekend and what deals you find.

Steam has Road Not Taken for $11.99, Space Hack for $0.99, and Spellcrafter (early access) for $7.99.

Today’s Daily Indie Game is A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 for as little as $0.99.

Indie Royalehas…

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Captain Victory and The Galactic Rangers #1 Review

Captain Victory and The Galactic Rangers #1 Review

The Captain Victory mythos is one of legendary Jack Kirby’s oldest creations. Writer Joe Casey picks up this mostly untouched hero and throws him into a new set of adventures filled with plenty of cosmic mayhem.

This issue starts off with a very intense space fight between the Galactic Rangers and someone called Blackmaas. The team is made up of a gritty group of heroes – some humanoid in nature…

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Interview with Indie Filmmaker Derek Dubois

We spoke with indie filmmaker Derek Dubois on the challenges, creative process, & achievements of making indie films

I love Rhode Island. It’s small, quaint, and a state that you can easily take for granted. Growing up as someone who loved video games and movies I always saw the source of entertainment as a far away land. Everything cool happened in Florida, California, Washington, or Texas. I love where I’m from but I always assumed significant things happened elsewhere.

I went to high school in Cumberland,…

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