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Deals of the Day: September 23, 2014

Deals of the Day: September 23, 2014

Good Tuesday, indie gamers, and happy first day of fall! Another perfect excuse to stock up on games before hibernation mode sets in. As always, let us know what you get up to and what you discover.

Steam has The Last Federation for $9.99, the super fun Infested Planet for $7.49, and Crimsonland for $6.29. They’ve also got the Daedalic Adventure Bundle with 5 sweet games for $24.99.

Indie Game…

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Deals of the Day: September 22, 2014

Bastion, Pixel Piracy, and more are all on sale today. Check out today’s indie #dealsoftheday:

It’s time to hit the snooze the button 20 times and avoid waking up early. Here are some sweet indie deals for you to dream about.

Bastion is 75% off on Steam at $3.74

Pixel Piracy is 50% off on Steam as the daily deal at $4.99.

Deponia Trilogy (Deponia, Chaos of Deponia, and Goodbye Deponia) is 50% off on Green Man Gaming at $23.99.

Envy: Magic Spheres is today’s pay what you want deal at…

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“Too many people died without ever getting their minds out to the world. I have found how to get my ideas out and I won’t stop.”

—   Thornton Dial, Sr. on his urge to create paintings, sculptures, and sculptures (via americanartmuseum)

Don’t stop. Won’t stop.

(via spx)

(via spx)

Small Press Expo 2014 Comic Debut Favorites

Check out some of our favorite indie comic debuts at @SPXcomics this year:

This past weekend Small Press Expo (SPX) held its annual convention showcasing some of the most creative and inventive independent comics out there today. The two-day expo provides a platform for writers, artists, and publishers alike to show off their unique brand of art not visible through normal channels. Additionally, independent creators use it as a platform to debut their work.

Here are…

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'GameLoading: Rise of the Indies' Documentary Enters Final Kickstarter

Read how to help the indie gaming documentary @gameloadingtv finish strong:

Fans of Indie Game: The Movie will be pleased to know that GameLoading: Rise of the Indies has entered its final Kickstarter to help finalize the editing process.

The documentary will explore the global community of indie game creators and has been in the works for the last two years. The movie had a successful Kickstarter back in 2013, allowing StudioBento to travel the world filming insights…

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Shutter #6 Review

Battle-ready triceratops. What more do you need to hear? Check out @KlennH’s review of Shutter #6 from @ImageComics:

Shutter #6 does a great job blending all of the different elements that make up this oddly cool book. So far in Shutter’s previous five issues we’ve seen heavy doses of both the action/adventure and fantasy elements, but never as balanced as evidenced here in issue #6.

Issue #5 did a lot to set up Kate Kristopher, the book’s main protagonist, with plenty of characterization and distinctive plot…

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Deals of the Day: September 17, 2014

Celebrate hump day with these rad indie #dealsoftheday:

Happy hump day! What better way to celebrate the half way point than with some cheap indie games.

Indie Gala has a Happy Hour flash bundle sale for the next 2 hours! Pay the minimum of $1.00 and get a bunch of indie games.

Metal Dead is 20% off on Humble Store at $0.99 for the next 10 hours!

Luftrausers is 50% off on the Humble Store at $4.99

The Inner World is 20% off on Humble Store at $2.99.


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Deals of the Day: September 16, 2014

Tuesdays are weird, but did you know you can significantly improve your day with #indiegame deals? Check ‘em out:

Ohhh Tuesday, you tricky trickster. I thought it was Wednesday until about 10 minutes ago. Either way, it’s always a good day to play some cheap indie games! Check out some of the ones we think are interesting and, as always, let us know what you get up to and what you discover.

Steam has The Waste Land for $7.99, Reprisal Universe for $6.99, The Escapist for $4.49, and Asteria for $1.99.


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Deals of the Day: September 15, 2014

Flash sales, End of Summer Deals, and half priced @playouya games! Check out today’s indie #dealsoftheday:

Mondays are the actual worst. However, indie deals sure make Mondays a lot less awful.

Flash Sales: 1 hour left

Outlast is 25% off on the Humble Store for $4.99.

Guacamelee (a staff favorite) is 20% off on the Humble store for $2.99.

The Novelist is also 20% off on the Humble Store for $2.99.

Sales and Deals

LAZA KNITEZ!!, Ittle Dew, Another World, and more are 50% off on OUYA for the Back To…

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Microsoft Announces Acquisition of Mojang

Microsoft officially announces purchase of #Minecraft creator

Microsoft has announced today their purchase of Mojang, the indie developer behind the wildly popular Minecraft. In a blog post, Mojang confirmed the acquisition for $2.5 billion and answered questions about the purchase.

When asked about the reasoning behind selling their studio, Mojang’s blog post stated that founder Markus Persson (aka Notch) “doesn’t want the responsibility of owning a…

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Boston Festival of Indie Games Starts This Weekend

If you’re in the Boston/ New England area, you definitely need go to @BostonFIG tomorrow. Read why:

The Boston Festival of Indie Games will start up tomorrow morning at 10 AM and go until 10PM. Founded in 2012, the young non-profit looks to support and showcase independent developers as well as youth game development programs in the New England area. Attendees will be able to enjoy digital video games, table top games, as well as interesting seminars and guest speakers.

A quick glance at the di…

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Deals of the Day: September 12, 2014

Deals of the Day: September 12, 2014

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s time to stock up on some indie game deals and settle in for the weekend. It’s gonna be a good one! As always, let us know what you get up to and what you discover.

Steam has Natural Selection for $6.24, Among the Sleep for $11.99 (!!!!!), and The Book of Unwritten Tales Collection for $3.99.

IndieGala has a nice little Back 2 School bundle starting at $1 as well as Pixel…

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Stumptown: The Case of the King of Clubs #1 Review

Read why @KlennH is diggin’ the characters in #Stumptown V3 #1 from @OniPres:

Oni Press and Greg Rucka bring back their beloved Stumptown franchise with volume three titled The Case of the King of Clubs. Dex Parios returns in this 3rd volume with all new threats and a brand new case to solve. While issue #1 doesn’t have the same tone as the previous two volumes, it still has the seed of what made volumes one and two so beloved in the first place.

This issue takes place in…

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